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Our Mission

Empire Mission Statement

***Empire Mission Statement***


The Empire Community is a group of like-minded gamers and as such has set forth this Mission Statement as an overview of how we do things in The Empire. When we refer to Guild, we are referring to The Empire as a whole, regardless of what it is called in a particular game, and in truth we are all part of that whole.


Members of The Empire act with honor toward allies and enemies alike. Emps assist their guild mates and other players. We do not gloat on the field of battle or taunt fallen enemies. We are never disrespectful of other players. Problems with individuals are kept private or in restricted chat. Officers of the empire will gladly help resolve problems if a member cannot do it themselves.


Guild members remain loyal to the guild. Guild mates are encouraged to group with other guild mates. If you've got some regular hunting buddies that you prefer to group with consider asking them to join. Group with a guild mate you've never grouped with before and you may just find a new favorite group mate. Support your guild when there are guild events/raids.


Members of this guild are here primarily because we all like each other and share an enjoyment of playing games. Talk to your fellow guild mates and be active in the forums and in the in-game guild chat channels. Try to get to know one another, so that we can all be brought closer together. Forming cliques hurts us all in the long run, so try to maintain contact with as many people as you can.


Members are encouraged to share items with guild mates. Remember we're all part of the same team, when one of us becomes stronger we all become stronger. In most games your guild will have a guild bank/vault set up. Contribute what you can and ask for what you need. Each game is different so items in the bank/vault will vary. Check the bank/vault thread in your games forums for more information.


Always remember it's a game. Play to have fun! Try to keep things light hearted and pleasant in the guild channel. Negativity spreads like a virus so if you're upset take a minute to calm down, or talk to someone about it in private.

Rules to live by!

With the above tenets in mind here are some basic rules. Violation of these rules may result in demotion and/or removal from the guild.

  • Do not taunt, insult or otherwise harass other players or guilds. Follow the rule your mother taught you long ago; "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
  • Never beg for money, equipment, power leveling, etc from guild mates or other players. An occasional "Hey guys I could really use some new leggings anyone got some stashed in a vault?" or "I am having some problems with this quest. Anyone free to help me out?" in guild or open chat is fine.
  • Higher-level players are requested to (not required to) set aside a little time each week to help the lower level guild mates catch up. The sooner we've got the majority of our members within a good grouping range the better.
  • Follow directions! If you're on a raid listen to what the raid leader says and don't run off half-cocked. When grouped with higher leveled / ranked guild mates show them some respect and try to follow their directions. On the same note higher level / rank guild mates do not know it all. Do not go off on a power trip, but respect and support you're lower level / rank guild mates.
  • Visit the website (www.theempires.com) for information and communication. Check in before you log in. This is of the utmost importance. We rely on the website to keep everyone informed.
  • Anyone found abusing the guild/alliance channel by using it for anything other than it's intended purpose will be demoted immediately without discussion.
  • Have fun! Play to have fun and respect the fun of others!

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Published on: 2004-03-09 (1313 reads)

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