Time for Another Year of Fantasy Football (2014 Edition)
Date: Saturday, July 26 @ 11:59:17 EDT
Topic: Empire Fantasy Football

As some of you know the Empire has a Fantasy Football league. We are always looking for new Emps who would like to join us. You get to compete against people such as the Relentless and BinkDeBook. How can you not want to join and defeat these people? :). And we have a huge trophy that is passed around to the winners. All for a small nominal software maintenance fee. And really, anyone can win.

Past winners have included:
Sageiann - 2013
Murky - 2012
Kaldor - 2011
Haewin - 2010
Dae - 2009
Haewin - 2008
Tarnum - 2007
Darkwind - 2006
BinkDeBook - 2005

If interested visit the forums sections under the Empire Fantasy football Clicky to Forums and indicate under the 2014 Football season prep thread if you are interested.

I, for one, am looking forward to another good year of Fantasy Football, and hoping to bring the Trophy back to my house :)

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